Battle for focus and brain health - How GungHo stacks up

Beware of Fake Medical Reviews

If there is a quote from a doctor, is that doctor on their payroll or an owner in the company? Or is it a legitimate third party scientific peer review of the formula (as is the case with GungHo®).

GungHo performed a third party scientific peer review. This is when the doctor/scientist has no ownership and is paid up front to review every ingredient and all claims of the product. In turn they are allowed to then say whatever they want about the product based on their professional opinion.

Beware of Dusting

Dusting is when manufacturers put a proven ingredient in their product, just to have it on the label, but in totally ineffective amounts.

For instance, energy shots may "dust" with Cognizin® citicoline (proven to aid focus) but they typically put between 5 and 15 miligrams in; none of them put more than 50mg in. Not enough to do any good whatsoever. It just looks nice on a label. GungHo is the only product in this energy shot/drink space allowed to put the proven effective dose - 250mg - into every shot.