GungHo – Not “Some Energy Drink”

Okay, it is time to talk about the elephant in the room.  Why would you want to take the time to order GungHo online when there are dozens of different energy drinks that are at your local convenience store?  That is a solid question, but within the question lays the answer.  The problem with the question is that GungHo is not just “some energy drink”.  In fact, GungHo isn’t an energy drink at all – GungHo is a FOCUS SUPPLEMENT.  Yes, you can get some super solid real awesome perfect natural energy from GungHo.  Yes, you can get filled with natural supplements that increase your happy hormones, giving you an extra lift of joy throughout your day.  AND YES, GungHo’s natural ingredients can help you increase your metabolism and lose some of those extra LBs (with proper diet and exercise, of course).  BUT THESE ARE ALL JUST AWESOME BONUSES THAT COME WITH GUNGHO.

GungHo is more than just an energy boost, or a diet supplement, or a happy hormone – GungHo is full of amazing nutrients that turn your brain into a powerhouse!






So if you are going to a party and looking for a quick fix to get you a short rush of energy, then by all means go hit up your grocery store and get some of your classic energy drinks (I still do that sometimes J).  But if you are looking to get that extra focus to study for the big exam, get more done at work, get a higher K:D ratio on COD, or raise your APM while playing League of Legends then GungHo is the brain supplement you have been looking for!

Check out what our friend MufasaPrime has to say about this:

IS CAFFEINE GOOD FOR YOU? Let’s settle this…

Okay, let’s settle this once and for all.  CAFFEINE – is it good for you? Is it bad for you?  Why does GungHo Focus Supplement have caffeine?  Why is it in every single energy drink?  I mean, it is in almost EVERY type of soda, why is this?



Why is caffeine in almost every soda?

pop bottles

The primary reason that beverage companies put caffeine in their sodas is because WE WANT IT.  Did you know that an estimated 90% of Americans have an addiction to caffeine.  Even worse, caffeine has been rated the second most addictive substance, following nicotine and preceding heroin.  Yes, caffeine is believed to be more addictive than heroin!  Because of this, beverage companies want to load their soda with this addictive substance.  AND LET’S NOT FORGOT ALL THE SUGAR!


Why is caffeine in almost every single energy drink?

Besides oversupplying America with caffeine in order to satisfy our addiction, caffeine actually helps the body create more energy.  Yes, caffeine actually does some pretty cool scientific stuff to help your body in the creation of its natural energy.  Caffeine itself is not the producer of the energy, but it is the caffeine that tells your body to create the energy (we can get to the science later).  HOWEVER, too much caffeine will cause some undesirable side effects.  We have all experienced these side effects:  Jitters, anxiousness, harsh crash, and discomfort.  The problem with the majority of the energy drinks out there – they overdue the caffeine.  In order to create a short-term boost of energy, they are willing to let you experience these negative side effects.




Let’s start by clarifying, GungHo is proud to boast that it has less than half the caffeine of our competitors!  Just as stated above, too much caffeine = harsh crash, jitters, anxiousness, and discomfort.  Ninja-hate crash!  So those magicians atop the mountains at the University of Utah put the perfect amount of caffeine into their ninja-like blend so that those seeking the ninja-like focus could get all the benefits of caffeine, without dealing with those lame side effects.  So, reason #1 for caffeine in GungHo – perfect energy

Reason #2?  Did you know that caffeine is actually considered a brain food?  Oh yeah, according to caffeine will help stimulate your brain.  However, it has to be in the right amount.  If you overdue it, you will only experience the negative side effects.  GungHo is set on making sure that those seeking the ninja-like focus get the perfect amount of caffeine so that they can increase their brainpower!


For those of you who were interested in the science behind this all:

There is a chemical in your body called adenosine, the awesome part about caffeine, it is pretty much a twin of adenosine – your body can’t tell the difference.

To put it in its most simple terms, adenosine is the body’s chemical that makes you tired.  When Mr. Caffeine tricks your body into thinking that he is adenosine, your body decides that it doesn’t need to produce the adenosine (the sleepy chemical).  This then allows your body to continue producing its natural energy and focus chemicals not its natural sleepy-maker.  BOOM!  Your body gives you energy and focus!  Remember though, “the more the merrier” is not applicable to caffeine.

Essential Foods to Maintain Brain Health



brain muscle

So you want to be smarter do you?  Good, the brain is a horrible thing to waste.  It is the most powerful muscle you have on your body, and as such deserves proper nutrition.

We fuel our muscles with protein, creatine, testosterone, and pretty much anything the popular muscle magazines suggest.  We do this because we want to get bigger, stronger, and faster.  We can look at the results from these supplements and see that with this extra help, we can get SWOLE!

The brain operates the same as the body, IT REQUIRES NUTRITION.  Also, much like the muscles in the body, there are supplements we can take that help the brain perform up to its potential.

Here is a list of foods that you can incorporate into your diet that will help your brain function better:

  • Blue Berries
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Whole Grains
  • Dark Chocolate

Each of these foods is scientifically proven to boost the brainpower.  We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your brain health.   As we get older our brains fatigue much like the muscles of the body.  However, just like the body, if you continue to nourish your brain with proper diet, the brain can maintain its healthy physique into your most senior years.

GungHo offers an amazing blend of ingredients that can work right alongside proper nutrition to aid in keeping that brain strong.  GungHo was created for that purpose – to give proper nutrition to the brain!

If you are looking for that extra brainpower, GungHo will aid you in your focus, concentration, memory, reflex, and all that other magical stuff the brain does for you!

GungHo – a FOCUS Supplement


GungHo is super ninja-like happy to announce that it has redesigned its packaging!  Yes, it is still crazy convenient.  Yes, it still has our fancy logo.  AND YES, it still looks like a funky mayonnaise packet.  But, here’s the big difference – It’s now re-positioned as a FOCUS Supplement!

Now I know what you are thinking, “So what?  It’s just a package, it’s what is on the inside that counts.”  And you are absolutely right!  It IS what is on the inside that counts, that is why we want our packaging to reflect our Ninja-like focus recipe.  GungHo is, was, and always will be a Focus Supplement.

When you read the GungHo’s ingredient list, you’ll find that the most prominent ingredients are unlike any of the ingredients in other mere energy supplements.  That is because we have created a supplement unlike any other energy drink—a supplement intended to give the BRAIN crazy energy and ultimately, focus, concentration, and even improved memory.

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people grab an energy drink when they really want focus?  I, Reiley Hooper, am one of those people.  In college I would down at least 2 energy drinks a day just so that I had enough focus to make it through my day of school, work, and studying.  I knew that all those extra ingredients in the drink were horrible for my body, but with ADD I needed that extra boost for focus.  Not for energy, but focus!  Now that I am out of college, I still need focus!  I need to write blogs, I need to talk to customers, and I need to play CALL OF DUTY!!!  Each requires an extra boost of focus.  GungHo is there to help me get that extra focus, without jitters, crash, and the unhealthy side effects that come from the sugary and caffeine loaded energy drinks.

You don’t want an energy drink, you want a focus supplement… And GungHo is the best on the planet!!


Ninja-like Recipe

“What the hell is in GungHO!?!?!?” – Oh my, young grasshoppers — let me teach you!


Besides being blessed by the great ninjas atop the misty mountains of Nippon, GungHo has been packed with some pretty awesome, and natural, ingredients.  “What are the ingredients?”, you may be asking.  How about Citicoline, Niacin, and Guarana for starts!  This next week we will be doing a quick overview on each of these amazing miracle ingredients.  Why are they “miracle ingredients”?  BECAUSE THEY WORK!  Stay tuned because this week we will be divulging the secrets behind the GungHo recipe.  Find out how you are getting ninja-like focus with your GungHo focus shot.  You will see why GungHo is perfect for gamers!

GungHo Joins Wired Magazine at Comic Con San Diego

GungHo focus shot was excited to join the masses as we headed down to this year’s Comic Con in San Diego.  What a great opportunity it was to share ninja-like focus with literally thousands of people all within a 3-day period.

 John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jesse Bradford, and many other celebrities including members of the cast of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones were able to take part in ninja-like focus at the Wired Café.

The weekend began with our parkour ninjas and GungHo girls taking it to the streets of San Diego.  We threw shots, t-shirts, and stickers out to eager geeks ready to try GungHo for the first time.  We were excited, yet unsurprised by the response we had received.  As we raised our voices asking, “Who wants to try a new energy/focus shot?” the crowds crowded in what best be described as a muss.  After little convincing on the part of our beautiful GungHo girls, the masses tested the ninja-like focus.  The shots were taken, and the eager mobs went on their way.  End scenefade to black.


Day 2


The results were in.  GungHo was tested – Gungho was approved.  Dozens and dozens returned day 2 seeking another shot of GungHo.  Many of them declared their reluctance to try the new product, yet were more than eager to get their second dose of ninja-like focus.  Many claimed that GungHo gave them a more solid and real energy than any other shot, drink, or bar they had tried before.  One man said, “It was like I had just woken up from an amazing night’s sleep… all day long!”  Day 2 is what made the trip worthwhile, hearing the results of our focus shot.


Above the streets of San Diego in the Omni Hotel sat the Wired Café.  Hosted by none other than Wired Magazine, the Wired Café was the hotspot for Hollywood stars and tech-savvy writers.  We were able to get our product into the hands of legendary actors and rising stars.  GungHo was proud to help host the event.  Sitting alongside HBO, Skype, Speck, and other great companies, GungHo was ecstatic to fuel the weary with ninja-like focus.  With our GungHo girls dancing, and our GungHo energy as the fuel, Wired Magazine proclaimed that GungHo quite literally, “started the party”.  It was exciting to get GungHo into the hands of some of the most powerful voices in pop culture.

Jesse Bradford with GungHo girls


We are excited to have been able to attack the throngs of comic book junkies with thousands of shots of GungHo.  We hope to continue this pattern and get involved in further events.  We love the idea of providing some extra focus and energy, and are proud to show our support for our fans!

Wired Cafe DJ


(More photos to come via Wired)