What We Believe Here at GungHo.

We saw an epidemic; over-stressed folks taking black-market focus drugs or jittery energy shots to “get more done”, then crashing in a downward spiral. We decided to create GungHo as a healthy alternative that could satisfy both of these problems.

GungHo means “work in harmony”; get more out of life. We delivered a natural focus supplement that’ll boost productivity (study, work or play) and brain health without the distracting crash or side-effects. You always get to choose what you want to be productive and dedicated about while on GungHo. All we care is that you can do it better and with a smile.

We’re having fun too with other efforts to give you a natural endorphine boost, such as laughing (see NinjaKix.com ) or flash mobs that suddently unleash acts of kindness instead of dancing (see Heart-Mob.com )! Got a rad idea that’ll support a GungHo life? Let us know and Go GungHo!

The Dojo

GungHo Headquarters
1565 N. State St
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84652

Interview With GoGungHo Co-Founder